April 17, 2015

Ocean Color

There is a processing chain designed and developed by CNES to retrieve the marine signal from Vegetation data. It became an operational application distributed by CLS from 2001 to 2003.

Mozambic canal
Mozambic canal
Left Image: reflections observed from the top of the atmosphere by satellite
(Blue: B0 band, Green: B2 band, Red: B3 band).
Right Image: Color composition of the algorithm result
(Blue: marine signal, Green: turbid marine signal, Red: atmospheric signal, Black: land or clouds mask)

Mozambic canal
Mozambic canal

Marine structures in the Mozambic canal
Marine structures

Evolution of the marine structures
Evolution of the marine structures

Operational Product Ocean color
Produit Couleur de l'eau
Ocean color Component available through CATSAT in december 2001


"An Operational Ocean Color Approach with Végétation/SPOT-4"
Bertrand Fougnie*, Patrice Henry* and Philippe Gaspar**
* Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales, Toulouse, France.
** Collecte Localisation Satellite, Ramonville Saint-Agne, France

"An Operational Ocean Color Approach with Végétation/SPOT-4 Atmospheric Correction and Temporal Merging"
Bertrand FOUGNIE, Patrice HENRY, Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales (CNES), 18 avenue Edouard Belin 31401 Toulouse, France
Jacques STUM, Pascal MAMBERT, Garance WELLER, Philippe GASPAR, Collecte Localisation Satellite (CLS), 8-10 rue Hermes 31526 Ramonville, France