August 10, 2016


Vegetation System Organization in Exploitation Phase

The Vegetation system is operationally exploited under VITO responsibility which coordinates how the entities in charge of the different exploitation tasks work. VITO also distributes the data to the users.

The different entities that participate in the Vegetation system's internal process are:

  • the control and programming centre of Vegetation instruments (CMP/CPV) located in Toulouse, France,
  • the image receiving station (SRIV) located in Kiruna, Sweden,
  • the data processing and archiving centre (CTIV) located in Mol, Belgium,
  • the image performance monitoring and calibration centre (QIV) located in Toulouse.

Vegetation organization

The Vegetation programming centre (CPV) is operated by CNES. It is included in Spot CMP (Centre de Maintien à Poste) and enables to prepare and upload the viewing programmes for the Vegetation instruments. The CMP is also in charge of in-orbit instrument monitoring and reconfiguration, if needed.

The Vegetation image receiving station (SRIV) is operated by the SSC. It is located at high latitude which ensures a large number of daily visibilities of SPOT satellites (which are in a quasi-polar orbit) and thus offers numerous possibilities to download the mass memory. Indeed, the memory capacity corresponds to about 90 minutes of images and needs 4 to 5 downloads at regular intervals every day. The data transmission on ground is made through an X-band link (8.2 GHz). A first preprocessing of the data is performed in the SRIV; it consists in the proper recovering of the viewing segments, and in allotting them different auxiliary data which will be used after the processing (including orbit, time-tagging, and satellite attitude data).

The Vegetation image processing centre (CTIV) is operated by VITO. It receives the data prepocessed by the SRIV through a dedicated high speed link which is activated after each data reception by the station. It archives the data after geometric modelling, updates the catalogue and performs the processing for the subscription orders and for the realisation of synthesis products (VGT-S1, VGT-S10 and VGT-D10).

The Vegetation image quality monitoring centre (QIV) is operated by CNES. It regularly performs geometric and radiometric performance controls of Vegetation instruments, conducts their calibration and provides every month to the CITV the new coefficients for the processing of the images.

The Vegetation system also ensures, for a fee, the direct transmission of the images to local receiving stations through L-band link (1.7 GHz).

VITO = Vlaamse Instelling voor Technologisch Onderzoek
SSC = Swedish Space Corporation
CNES = Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales