August 10, 2016



Scientific Objectives

Vegetation's main scientific objectives are:

  • To supply accurate and reliable measurements of vegetation cover characteristics for a daily monitoring of the vegetation to meet the current needs in application (productions, environment, etc.) and research (global changes).
  • To ensure a daily global monitoring thanks to a single receiving and processing centre.
  • To offer a complementarity with the SPOT high resolution data by using identical spectral bands and simultaneous acquisition.
  • To guarantee an operational service with product delivery in a 2 to 4-day notice after image acquisition.


Vegetation's main characteristics are:

  • A nearly daily global cover
    • thanks to the instrument wide field of view in combination with SPOT orbit (830 km altitude)
    • at least one acquisition per day beyond 35° latitude
    • 5 acquisitions every 6 days at equator

  • Sun-synchronous orbit
    • solar illumination variation minimization

  • Acquisition time: 10h30 (UT)
    • cloud cover minimization (mainly in tropical zone)

  • Centralized reception and archiving
    • easy access to data (unique catalogue)
    • fast distribution of the products (2 to 3 days after acquisition)
    • global cover products

Programmation Vegetation
Programming Example (on 13/01/2004)