November 4, 2014


VGT-P products related to an image acquisition Examples of VGT-P product

  • system errors correction (sensors levelling, spectral bands registration)
  • resampling in a geographic projection (at 1 km resolution), enabling a multitemporal registration of the images

example of VGT-P product

VGT-S products related to a temporal series of images

  • system errors correction
  • atmospheric correction
  • resampling in a geographic projection (1 km)
  • synthesis based on the selection of the "best" measurement over the envisioned periode (NDVI maximum for VGT-S products), completed by the directional effects correction in the VGT-D10 products
  • three types of products:

exemple produit VGT-P

Access to Vegetation Products

The commercial distribution of Vegetation products is done by VITO (since January 2007). Under special conditions the products can be delivered at cost price for scientific use. For this a request should be sent to the scientific Principal Investigator.

The products can be ordered either by subscription (systematic production and delivery of the acquired data over an area during a given period), or by order through an interactive catalogue.

The products are available under very short delays:

  • 2 days after the image acquisition for VGT-P and VGT-S1 products
  • 2 days after the end of a 10-day period for VGT-S10 products.

Different options are proposed to users to adapte the products to their needs:

  • choice of the interest area (product limited to this area),
  • choice of the cartographic projection,
  • choice of the spatial resolution (1, 4 or 8 km),
  • choice of the image channels and auxiliary data (reflectances in the different bands, NDVI, solar angles, viewing angles, cloud mask...)
  • choice of the delivery medium (ftp, CD-ROM, DLT, DAT...).

Since September 2001, data acquired more than 3 months ago are free of charge and delivered by ftp:

  • VGT-S10 and VGT-D10 products: directly accessible, following a predifined cutting by continent, with possibility to use a tool (VGTExtract) to extract the interest area, on this site
  • VGT-P products: available in standard projection (latitude, longitude) under ordering to VITO